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Johnston County Board Policy 2010:  Volunteers

The board of education is aware of the value of community involvement through the use of volunteers in the Johnston County Schools.  The talents, activities, and service of volunteers and organizations will enhance the public school programs through tutoring, counseling and cultural programs, and other special areas of volunteerism.  Volunteers are welcome in the Johnston County Schools so long as their presence is in the best interest of the school.


The Board of Education recognizes that volunteers can serve in four general areas:

  1. Tutorial programs, with special emphasis on volunteers for the primary grades.

  2. General help for classroom teachers and other school personnel.

  3. Community resource volunteers who serve in the area of their special talents.

  4. Advisory council members.

Johnston County Schools shall strive to:

  1. Recruit, train, and utilize volunteers.

  2. Create and maintain an atmosphere that welcomes public involvement of volunteers in the schools.

  3. Recognize and express appreciation for volunteer service.

  4. Make information available to parents and students regarding tutoring and academic support services.

Volunteers may be subject to background, criminal record and reference checks to the same extent as school system employees.  Principals may limit or terminate the activities of a volunteer in the best interest of the school.

Legal References:  G. S. 115C-36, -47, -204, -206, -208, -209

Adopted:  July 20, 1982

Amended:  December 11, 2001; February 9, 2010

 River Dell Elementary School Policy

Visitors and volunteers are always welcome.  For the safety of all of our students, we require that all visitors and volunteers

• Complete a volunteer registration form for service as Level I or Level II volunteers online at

• Report to the office upon arrival;

• Provide identification to receptionist;

• Wear an identification badge (Visitor or Volunteer) at all times;

• Sign in as VOLUNTEER or VISITOR which helps track volunteer hours and recognitions;


Level I Volunteers are supervised at all times in a public setting with no solitary time with students.  

Examples of this are resource speakers, receptionist, fundraiser activity, field day helpers, etc.

Level II Volunteers are approved to work with students and may be outside the view of school employees for periods of time.  Examples of Level II are field trip chaperones, tutors and classroom helpers, mentors, health room assistant, test proctors and classroom volunteer assistants.

Parents who chaperone field trips must be registered as a Level II Volunteer with the school system and will generally be asked to be responsible for a small group of students or individuals.  On some trips, it is necessary to limit the number of chaperones due to limited space at sites.  To attend a field trip without chaperone duties, parents must be registered as a Level I volunteer.

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